Brake problems on your 482, 488, or 35C scoop? Why change the whole tram reducer? Summerlee Parts & Supplies has a better answer!

  • graphic_SummerleePartsSuppliesLess Expensive – unlike competitive units, this brake mounts to the existing OEM tram reducer for a less costly upgrade
  • Reduces Maintenance – high energy metallic linings and 500 psi shaft seals insure long life, low maintenance, and less downtime
  • Easy to Install – can be installed underground
  • More Flexible – can be used for service and park or just park
  • Reduces Axle Maintenance – when used as a park only, the service brake can sit idle until the axle brakes require service. Then, hook up the service circuit and go back to work without tearing the axle apart to service those axle brakes!
  • Longer Battery Life – Requires only 500 psi compared to 1,500 psi for competition. This creates less load on the hydraulics resulting in more efficient operation, less power loss and longer battery life
  • Custom Designed Exclusively For Summerlee – Ausco Products, the recognized leader in underground mining brakes, designed this brake exclusively for Summerlee Parts & Supplies.

For more information, contact Ausco Products at 269-926-0700.