Easier cold starts better fuel efficiency

graphic_HydraulicClutchesHeavy equipment requires numerous hydraulic circuits and pumps. This can create serious problems for start up in cold weather. Machines often require heaters or other expensive hardware to ensure that the engine can reliably turn over. We have a better solution.

Introducing the Ausco Hydraulic Clutch. This compact unit was designed specifically to allow the selective decoupling of unnecessary hydraulic pumps. This allows for automatic pump disconnect for start up for more reliable cold starting. Once warmed up, the pump can be engaged by either the operator or by an automatically controlled system.

The Ausco design also saves fuel. By selectively disconnecting unneeded pumps, fuel can be saved and heat load on the coolers reduced, potentially reducing the cooler size. The design is compact and mounts to standard SAE mounting configurations, making it easy to integrate into your system.

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