We already make the most advanced brakes in mining. We thought we should make a Premium Pump Pack to go with them. Safer. More Reliable. More Convenient. All from Ausco.


  • Completely enclosed and sealed -­‐ prevents oil spills from entering the cab and contains potential fire hazards inside the box
  • TOW MODE allows the operator to release the brake for towing without “hot wiring” the unit or using a hand pump. The operator stays safely behind the wheel with all brakes fully functional. He isn’t standing next to the truck with a jumper wire.


  • Heavy duty 14 gauge stainless steel enclosure– corrosion resistant and built to take it
  • PLC logic controlled– no mechanical relays to fail
  • Sealed system with marine grade connectors– system is impervious to the environment


  • Preassembled – comes fully tested and ready to install with full wiring package
  • On board diagnostics – the operator can tell what’s wrong without leaving his seat
  • Unique TOW MODE – if the engine is down, the operator can release the brakes without leaving his seat
    Dash panel control assembly mounts into the radio slot of a Landcruiser. Top dashboard mounting is available.
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