Increase Safety and Reduce Maintenance Costs for Toyota Land Cruisers

2019-04-12T11:17:27-04:00Product Announcements|

Ausco Brake & Axle brings wet braking solutions to Australian mining The drum brakes on Toyota Land Cruisers aren't built for tough underground mining environments and need frequent service and replacement, increasing your costs and frustration. Ausco Brake & Axle now brings its brake-solving experience in mining to Australia, offering wet brake solutions that improve [...]

Ausco Brakes for Oil & Gas

2020-01-10T14:51:21-05:00Product Announcements|

Custom fit brake designs for all applications Brakes for oil and gas markets share one trait in common – nothing off the shelf is quite what the customer needs. Ausco Products understands. We have been working in oil and gas for over 30 years. What makes Ausco different is our custom design approach to customers. [...]

Ausco Hydraulic Clutches

2020-01-22T13:05:18-05:00Product Announcements|

Easier cold starts better fuel efficiency Heavy equipment requires numerous hydraulic circuits and pumps. This can create serious problems for start up in cold weather. Machines often require heaters or other expensive hardware to ensure that the engine can reliably turn over. We have a better solution. Introducing the Ausco Hydraulic Clutch. This compact [...]

Ausco Brake Exclusive to Summerlee

2020-01-10T14:47:37-05:00Product Announcements|

Brake problems on your 482, 488, or 35C scoop? Why change the whole tram reducer? Summerlee Parts & Supplies has a better answer! Less Expensive – unlike competitive units, this brake mounts to the existing OEM tram reducer for a less costly upgrade Reduces Maintenance – high energy metallic linings and 500 psi shaft seals [...]

Ausco Wet Brakes for Mankin Mantrips

2020-01-22T14:45:43-05:00Product Announcements|

Ausco wet brakes feature less maintenance, less downtime, less cost, and MORE SAFETY! How can you afford not to upgrade? Mankin is proud to offer the Ausco wet brake upgrade package for Mankin andWVA/Eimco railrunners. This upgrade features: High energy wet brake linings for long life and low maintenance A unique shaft and cover plate [...]

The Ausco 35 Series Caliper

2017-06-13T12:44:29-04:00Product Announcements|

Better braking for every UTV ... Wherever it works More torque and less drag equals extra mileage and longer life Utility vehicle customers expect a lot from their machines. And they expect their brakes to be trouble-free. So when Ausco Products decided to design their new 35 Series hydraulic caliper for UTVs, we looked at [...]

Ausco Wet Brakes for Brookville Mantrips

2020-01-22T14:42:03-05:00Product Announcements|

Retrofitting Your Mantrip with Maintenance-Free Wet Brakes Ausco has designed a wet multi-disk brake for BROOKVILLE mantrips. This brake is currently in production and is easily retrofited to older units. Designed with safety and low maintenance in mind, the brake features Ausco's mine-proven grease barrier sealing technology for maximum protection in the worst environments. Ausco wet [...]

We Know Brakes. We Know Mining. We Live for Both.

2017-06-13T12:44:30-04:00Product Announcements|

Ausco wet brakes make mining safer in the toughest environments When it comes to mining, safety and productivity are the name of the game. And when it comes to brakes for underground mining, there is no brake company more concerned for your safety and productivity than Ausco Products. Ausco’s vast experience in underground mining ranges [...]

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