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92 Series Caliper Brake

2020-01-08T13:00:42-05:00Product Announcements|

Ausco Products is pleased to announce the availability of their 92 Series caliper disc brake for heavy towed agricultural equipment. The new brake is designed to handle heavy grain wagons, manure spreaders, sprayers, etc. weighing 90,000 lbs or more. By providing proper braking force on the trailed equipment, this brake can reduce braking loads on [...]

We Have Wet Brakes Available for Your Mantrip

2017-06-13T12:44:30-04:00Product Announcements|

Retrofit your mantrip with Ausco’s new wet brake for Dana D12 axles to improve safety and reduce maintenance costs. Safety has no price, especially when it comes to mining, but what if you could improve safety and still save money? Welcome to the Ausco 1218 wet brake. Designed for Dana D12 axles, this patent-pending brake [...]

High Pressure Driveline Parking Brake

2016-05-26T15:20:50-04:00Product Announcements|

Ausco Products is pleased to announce the availability of a high pressure version of their driveline parking brake. Like Ausco's other driveline parking brakes, this unique solution is pillow block mounted at the center of the driveshaft and acts as the midship bearing for articulated vehicles. However, while Ausco's other brakes are typically released by [...]

Make a Brake for It

2017-06-13T12:44:31-04:00Product Announcements|

Commissioned to develop a parking brake for JCB backhoe loaders, one company entered some unexplored territory when developing its non-energising ball ramp models Back in the 1940s when US-based Ausco Products invented ball ramp brakes, the original design – referred to as an energising ball ramp brake – used a servo action, which fed some [...]

New Midrange Hydraulic Caliper Brake Strengthens Caliper and Lengthens Lining Life

2016-05-26T15:16:23-04:00Product Announcements|

Benton Harbor, Michigan - Ausco Products, Inc. introduces a new 750 midrange hydraulic caliper brake that delivers improved lining life and greater caliper strength. The brake is a single-piston, floating-mount design intended for a wide variety of off-highway service braking applications. The new brake operates on rotors 8 to 13 inches in diameter, is rated [...]