Ausco invented the spring applied-hydraulically released multi-disc brake in the early 1970s. Today, Ausco remains the leader in spring applied-hydraulically released brakes. Ausco’s catalog product offerings include all of the common SAE mounts. Most of our brakes are offered in both wet and dry configurations. Variations on shaft and spline sizes are also a common option. In addition, Ausco offers a number of specialty multi-disc brakes for articulated vehicles, mining shuttle cars, etc.

Mechanical Calipers

Ausco has raised the standard for mechanical calipers with its new EZTorque ball ramp caliper design. This brake produces the highest torque of any caliper in its class. This means more holding power with less user input force. In addition, Ausco makes a wide variety of other mechanical caliper brakes for both service and parking applications.

Hydraulic Calipers

Ausco has done a great deal of development in hydraulic calipers over the last several years. We have developed new calipers for everything from sprayers and airport tow tractors to utility vehicles, with many more new designs on the way. Ausco continues to innovate in this area with features such as self-retracting seals, which ensure caliper piston retraction and long lining life, and modular calipers, which allow the caliper to be used with either a fixed or a floating mount.

Ball Ramp

Ausco invented and patented ball ramp brake technology in 1946. The original brake was designed before the era of power-assist braking as a solution to the need for increased braking performance. The design was standard on many agricultural vehicles throughout the 1950s and 60s.