Higher Holding Power, Lower Cost

Ausco’s patented ball ramp mechanical caliper serves on utility vehicles, ZT mowers and other small equipment. Using our 60 years of ball ramp brake experience, combined with our world-class caliper brake engineering, Ausco designed a brake made completely from stampings. The result is a compact brake with low cost, high torque performance with low handle efforts, high reliability and total customer satisfaction. It is simply the best performing mechanical caliper for small equipment.

75190Service/ParkHorizontal Lever - Straight700 MXDownload
76602Service/ParkHorizontal Lever - Straight700 MDownload
83410ParkVertical Lever - StraightEZ TorqueDownload
85265ParkVertical Lever - OffsetEZ TorqueDownload
85266ParkVertical Lever - StraightEZ TorqueDownload
85538HubHubHub (8.32" disc with 1/2"-20" studs)n/a
86720HubHubHub (7.35" disc)n/a
88054Service/ParkHorizontal Lever - Straight500 MDownload
88055Service/ParkHorizontal Lever - Straight500 MDownload
88493Service/ParkVertical Lever-StraightEZ TorqueDownload
92122ParkCast LeverTapered LeverDownload
102659ServiceVertical LeverSplined Lever - AdjustableDownload