That’s NOT my idea of farming!

If your towed agricultural equipment won’t stop, this guy is in trouble. Most towed implements either use inadequate automotive brakes … or no brakes at all. That leaves his safety to the tractor brakes alone. And his tractor’s brakes weren’t designed to handle that much extra weight.

graphic_92series_agriculture1Ausco’s 92 Series hydraulic caliper brake can handle it and make his job safer and easier. The 92 Series has the power to stop trailers weighing more than 90,000 lbs. and is ideal for grain and seed carts, manure spreaders and otherequipment. It also helps your trailer meet industry standards that require brakes.

The 92 Series is also cost-effective. Tractors that frequently stop heavy trailers often go down for brake repair, which usually requires expensive disassembly of the entire axle. The 92 Series’ simple, compact design requires only a pad change, which can be easily done without removing the brake. Its competitive price, easy service and long life give it a low cost of ownership.

Your customer’s neck is on the line. Protect his safety, save him money and makeyour trailer meet published safety standards by specifying Ausco’s new 92 Series caliper brake.

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