Better braking for every UTV … Wherever it works

More torque and less drag equals extra mileage and longer life

Utility vehicle customers expect a lot from their machines. And they expect their brakes to be trouble-free. So when Ausco Products decided to design their new 35 Series hydraulic caliper for UTVs, we looked at the best brakes the competition could muster. Then we made them better.

graphic_35series_1We wanted a painless change to Ausco brakes, so we designed a drop-in replacement caliper. Then, we recognized that some customers overload their machines (customers never do that!), so we added torque capacity for better braking power. Then, we built a heavier structure, reducing deflection and drag for less noise, better lining life, and improved pedal feel. Next, we tripled corrosion protection on the mounting sleeves to prevent caliper lockup. Finally, we added self-retracting seals and increased the bushing length by 175% to improve caliper float, decreasing noise and drag while improving brake efficiency.

When a drop-in replacement brake improves stopping power, reduces noise and drag, all while improving strength, corrosion resistance, feel, and lining life, that is better braking for every UTV — wherever it works. What else would you expect from the world leader in off-highway braking?

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