Retrofit your mantrip with Ausco’s new wet brake for Dana D12 axles to improve safety and reduce maintenance costs.

Safety has no price, especially when it comes to mining, but what if you could improve safety and still save money? Welcome to the Ausco 1218 wet brake.

graphic_1218_1Designed for Dana D12 axles, this patent-pending brake can retrofit small mantrips without vehicle modification. Unlike caliper or drum brakes, this product is sealed and oil immersed for low maintenance and improved safety.

This brake also reduces axle failures. The brake features internal bearings that eliminate axle side loads, reducing the chances of axle breakage. And the brake’s unique double seal with grease barrier technology eliminates water intrusion and contamination, reducing maintenance costs on the brake, bearings, axle splines, and gears.

When you consider the cost of downtime and maintenance, the Ausco 1218 is a real bargain. When you consider that it improves safety, it is priceless.

For more information, contact Ausco Products, the world leader in mining brake technology, at 269-926-0700.