Ausco wet brakes make mining safer in the toughest environments

When it comes to mining, safety and productivity are the name of the game. And when it comes to brakes for underground mining, there is no brake company more concerned for your safety and productivity than Ausco Products.

Ausco’s vast experience in underground mining ranges from the smallest 2-person mantrip to scoops, shuttle cars, roof bolters, railed equipment and everything in between. Over the past 10 years, we have designed more underground mining brake solutions than all other brake companies combined.

All Ausco underground mining brakes feature wet, oilimmersed discs for superior safety and low maintenance. We understand that exposed dry brakes fail readily in harsh mining environments compromising operator safety, increasing maintenance costs, and interrupting production with downtime. Our wet brake designs keep you safer and keep your machine operating, which adds to your bottom line everyday.

Mining equipment lives a very rough life. Why would you want to trust your brakes to anyone other than the world leader in mining brakes?

For more information, contact Ausco Products, the world leader in mining brake technology, at 269-926-0700