Delivering Value Beyond Brakes


With state-of-the-art equipment and unmatched technical expertise, we turn ideas into reality. Our high quality, precision CNC machining centers and lathes give us great reliability and continuously produce quality parts. Our typical CNC machining cell is made up of two or three machines (lathes or machining centers) under the control of a single operator allowing us to produce components efficiently and at competitive costs. The capability to manufacture our own linings for many of our products strengthens our versatility.

Our Kanban-based inventory system is a visual system that allows us to easily see where and how much inventory we have at point of use. Purchased parts are received and moved directly to our floor supermarkets from which we pull parts to replenish the two-bin Kanban system on our multiple, high-throughput and flexible assembly lines. This allows our assembly operators to build continuously without running out of components and enables us to react quickly to customer changes in the schedules. Our supermarkets are replenished when Kanban signals are triggered and we auto-fax the next release from the floor to the supplier.

Powder Coat Painting

Ausco offers custom powder coat painting as an option to add additional protection to your brakes. Powder coated product achieves excellent resistance to tough salt and humidity chamber testing.

Tool Room/Prototype Shop

Utilizing the extensive capabilities of our Tool Room, Ausco is able to provide quick prototype turnaround as products are designed, developed and tested. Through this capability, time to market can be significantly reduced.

ISO Certified

Ausco has been certified to either the QS 9000 or ISO 9000 quality standard since 1997, being one of the early leaders in attaining such certification.