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New Products. New Patents. Constant Innovation.

30 active U.S. and International patents and more pending.

See how our inventive engineering makes us the leader in new braking ideas.

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Discover the highest performing,
off-highway brake

Ausco Products, Inc. of Benton Harbor, Michigan, is the market leader in OEM brakes for the construction, agricultural, mining, turf care and ATV/utility vehicle markets. Ausco builds the widest variety of service and parking brakes in the industry including spring-applied multi-disc, hydraulic calipers, mechanical calipers and ball ramp brakes.

Why OEMs come to Ausco

  • Select from more varieties of brake products than the competition and pick the right brake to suit your specific application.
  • Get well-proven solutions before applying them to your end product as a result of Ausco’s innovation, complete development capability, and dedication to testing.
  • Choose from an extensive line of standard brake products or get a custom-designed brake, tailored to your specific application, in a very timely manner.
  • Find competitive and cost-effective solutions to your braking needs, provided by Ausco’s state of the art manufacturing and obsession with costs.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing

With state-of-the-art equipment and unmatched technical expertise, we turn ideas into reality. Our high quality, precision CNC machining centers and lathes give us great reliability and continuously produce quality parts. Our typical CNC machining cell is made up of two or three machines (lathes or machining centers) under the control of a single operator allowing us to produce components efficiently and at competitive costs. The capability to manufacture our own linings for many of our products strengthens our versatility.

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