Our Company

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Quality Policy

Ausco Products, Inc., strives to meet or exceed customer expectations by:

  • Acknowledging the Effort and Support of Everyone in the organization.
  • Uniting the Pursuit of Excellence in everything we do.
  • Sustaining and Innovating solutions.
  • Continuously Improving every day.
  • Operating as a “Best-In-Class” manufacturer of brakes and brake systems.

At Ausco Quality is a Corporate Value

Why We Innovate

Our passion for improving off-highway machine performance runs deep. We fixate on your needs and develop product solutions catered to you.  Ausco’s approach often requires creation of an entirely new design. Our Wall of Patents stands in testimony in recognition of our ability to innovate what we produce.

            Innovation is an Ausco corporate value!

TEST it until you know it

Product Testing is part of the Ausco DNA.  Our expertise in testing covers what we develop as well as the products of our competitors.  In the salt spray, on our Dyno, in our mud bog, on your machine, on local test tracks, and in field trials throughout the world.  Products that don’t meet requirements are not produced, because…

Quality is an Ausco corporate value!

How it's made

Our team of manufacturing experts have over 100 years of collective experience. They are a vital link in the production chain by specifying installing and monitoring efficient effective reliable production methods.  From vision systems in assembly cells to on-going investment in live-tooled CNC machines and lathes we have the confidence to make products within tolerance.  Come check us out!

We are united in our pursuit of excellence!

Technical Solution teams

Providing the right product for your application requires that you first connect with solution-oriented technical people in both sales or engineering.  Our teams are staffed with competent experienced technical people.  Engineering and sales work in tandem to define the performance and commercial requirements of your project, and then we get after bringing products to life!

We are passionate about providing solutions!

supply chain Vigilance

Producing and delivering brakes on-time and at a reasonable cost requires a proactive sourcing strategy.  Ausco partners creatively with its 95% US-based suppliers to deliver predictably consistent outcomes.  Ausco uses a proven base of existing ISO 9001:2015 suppliers and identifies new sources of supply to improve on-time shipping, reliability and improve Ausco’s cost competitiveness. 

Ausco has a proactive supply chain management approach!

Teamwork & Safety

Teamwork at Ausco is how we work.  One person looks out for another at Ausco on every workday of every shift worked! No one succeeds alone.  The Ausco Management Team sets the tone by advocating for one another and walking the talk.  In a busy manufacturing plant a proactive culture of safety serves to insure that each worker returns home after every shift.  A Safety-conscious Team-oriented environment makes Ausco a great place to work. 

Safety is an Ausco corporate value!



Speak with an Expert

Want to speak with an engineer or salesman about your application? Do you need a quote on your existing product or parts? Contact us and we will get you the info you need.

Resources Library

Can’t find your service documents or service manual? Need an updated sheet for your Ausco Products Brake? Find it here.