Sealed, multi-disc wet brakes

The needs of mining are unique. You need brakes that will hold up under the worst environments. And you need brakes that won’t shut down your operation. You need service, and you need reliability. At Ausco, we understand what a brake has to endure inside a mine. We universally recommend sealed, multi-disc wet brakes. This application requires it.

Ausco has a long history of innovation in this market. We invented the multi-disc wet brake for shuttle cars in the 1980s. Recently, we upgraded this product to offer improved sealing, improved torque capacity and improved heat dissipation. We also innovated to create a market-leading, spring-applied, hydraulically released brake for scoop applications. This product cannot be trammed through, is easy to install and represents the best brake in the market for this application. We have also had great success in applying wet brake technology to mining personnel carriers, scalers, and other difficult applications.