Ausco Wet Brake and Axle Solutions for Landcruisers and Light Utility Vehicles

Safer, cost-saving solutions for Toyota Land Cruisers and light utility vehicles

OEM drum brakes on Toyota Land Cruisers or light utility vehicles are not built for the harsh mining environments you work in. That’s why you constantly have to service or replace your drum brakes. But there’s a safer, cost-saving solution — Ausco’s 2-wheel wet braking systems, made by people who know your safety depends on these brakes. People who understand you have no time or money to waste on frequent maintenance either. So our brakes are built to stop safer and last longer. They’re the only brakes you want in a mine.

Rear Only Wet Brakes with Service & Park

This 2-wheel wet braking system provides a:

  • Simpler Solution — comes pre-assembled, ready to drop in and bolt in place. No vehicle modifications or lift truck needed for installation or servicing.
  • Safer Solution — spring applied parking brake fails-to-safe even on steepest ramps.
  • Less Costly Solution — internal oil cooling chamber runs cooler with no lining glazing or brake fade.

These brakes are corrosion and contamination resistant, too. You’ll experience less heat, less wear, less downtime, less maintenance and replacement costs.

  • Hose kit includes all lines, fittings, connectors, clips and hardware you need to plumb the master cylinder, pump kit and brakes.
  • Hard lines are stainless steel and are pre-bent for easy assembly.
  • Premium Pump Pack – sealed stainless steel enclosure mounts behind the seat and includes all wiring and hardware needed for installation.
  • Dash panel control fits right into the radio slot for clean, simple and well-protected installation.
  • Double 2-Stage braking technology allows you to use your stock Toyota master cylinder with calipers in front and Ausco wet brakes in the rear.
  • OEM front calipers are unaffected.
  • Brakes mount to existing rear axle hub with no modifications.
  • Optional adapter kit is available to mount brake to vehicles with 4-wheel caliper disc brakes.
  • In this configuration, spring applied parking and hydraulic service is available at the rear wheels.